Cannot install War Thunder CDK

Hello comrades,
maybe someone can help me.
What could i do… and yes its in the right folder.
best regards,


Are you running the installer from Admin?

yeah i tryed it also running it from Admin. doesent work. :-(

Try ignoring the error(s)?
I didn’t have this specific problem, but when I installed the CDK, it didn’t copy/have a needed C++ DLL that I had to manually find in System32 and drop into the WT directory. You might have to do the same out of the game directory.

hmm when i ignore it the it the progress go on… until the next file it coudnt find… i did this one hour and then i quit it. these where many files.

Seems like its not finding all the map object files. Which WT game build (full client or the “work in progress” one?) are you using and which CDK version?

WT game build !? uff… where can i find this ? i start it from Steam… if this helps.
CDK is the freshest from the orig. page WarThunderCDK_2023_12_05__23_57

In the game launcher.

If u mean this its Version

I don’t know why having it from Steam would make any difference. You still get the launcher window that has a “News” bar?
Have you run the “check files”?

don´t know the difference. yeah got news bar…
and yes i was runnin the check files ev ok

Maybe try an earlier build of the CDK? Feb. 2.?

does it work best on the work in progress client?

Probably not since it isn’t a “stable” version, they change stuff more often that the production one (hard to imagine), which is more likely to break the CDK.

i deinstalled WT (Steam version) and do a clean new install (with the orig. launcher) maybe it works.

oh okay. thanks

Had the same issue a while ago, had to copy my WT installation folder to another location, uninstall WT via the uninstaller and then re-install it and then move the copy to the regular installation folder

Ok, now i installed it new without Steam. e voila… it works !
thanks for any help !!!

Cool beans.
Now the real hard part begins. Figuring out how to use it.

naaaa, im good with it. but i used it long time ago and somehow on this day it doesent work… had one of the old versions downloaded the new one and boom… searched some stuff for the IDS WTD61 and im already done ;-)
thx buddy