Cannot get my Thrustmaster T-flight Hotsa x to work with War thunder

War Thunder keeps telling me that my device is disconnected or turned off which it is not. How do I get it to see my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotsa X?

I hope you find the help you are looking for , but I have no clue

I finally got it to work. Apparently I was trying to get it to read a T-Flight Hotas 4 instead of a T-Flight Hotas X

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A real common solution is to not use the profiles at all, and set yourself to your original defaults.

Close the game, then plug it in, let windows do it’s thing, give the PC a restart, then fire up warthunder, and leave it all as is, then start customizing the controls to what you feel good with.

Add will add the key/button to the control, and leave the other controls with it, replace will remove that key/button from ALL controls that use it.

Setting up the controls is a serious amount of work, but saving your profile at various stages, with good names and revision numbers will make you have better luck.

That’s what I did with my hotas , it’s made by winwing and there isn’t any profiles for them , so I added every control manually. Took me like a day since I had no idea which button would be good for what

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