Cannot get custom aircraft model to work

Hi there, I recently went about creating a custom flight model for the f16, and it isnt working. The model will be rendered by the mission editor and everything so I know that part works at least, but when I launch the user mission it instantly ends the match with zero indication as to why. I can confirm that this is in fact an issue with this specific model as if I replace the player aircraft with an existing one, the mission loads fine.

Any help would be appreciated

i don’t actually know anything about the editor or how it works, but could it be an anti cheat issue?

no, custom aircraft flight models can and do work, just take a look at the ace combat custom mission stuff. It just appears that for some reason it is impossible for a player to control the flight model I created. AI can do it just fine but if I want to mess around with stuff it just insta quits the mission

update: turns out my .blk is totally fine except for

It appears you cannot use warthunders built in models on custom damage models and fly the plane yourself