Cannot extinguish fire?

I was in a match with the XM-1 GM peeking over a hill. I had just killed another vehicle and was hit with something. The top of my tank caught fire. I tried the fire suppression system and was told something to the effect of “this type of fire cannot be extinguished.” Eventually, my engine caught fire, I used the FPE, which extinguished that fire, but the one on top of the turret still burned. A few second later, my engine again caught fire, I used the FPE, and the turret fire continued. About 10 seconds later, the turret fire extinguished itself.

What happened? Is this some kind of incendiary ammo I was hit with? It didn’t seem to do much but catch my engine on fire, and didn’t harm my crew or damage anything else.

Nope they hit your rear turret ammo rack which caused the ammo to burn down which cannot be extinguished with fpe


Thanks. They hit it from a very odd angle. Would the ammo not have cooked off after so long? I had mostly APFSDS, with 5 HEAT, and 5 HESH rounds, but never had an explosion. That’s the first time that’s every happened to me in a tank.

It only destroys the tank if the ammo door is also penetrated.

To put out those fires you just turn the turret to where the bustle rack is off of the tank hull entirely. (After a little bit like that, it’ll extinguish.)

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That pretty fun, i just finish a traduction of that topic ^^


Great tip. Thank you.