Cannot enter matches. Constant Error 82220002

Posted this in the Steam discussion tab as well, but i do wanna understand if it’s just me or if it’s everyone.

Through the morning, all was fine, could play well enough. But before midday, i went to a match where i started getting 20+% PL for no reason, to the point where i was DC’d, even tho my team was winning on tickets with 2min to go. Afterwards, it got better, played a bit more, until i started getting up to 90%PL. Now, i can’t play at all, i can log in, but when i try to enter a match, Error 82220002. I have restarted my router, reset DNS, nothing works. I know there’s an ongoing solar storm, but i’m in the southern hemisphere (Brazil), and i had no issues with internet connection or cell connection, besides this.
I play on NA.

Yea, if you’re playing on a cellular connection, this is going to end up being the issue.