Cannot drop bombs while on the ground

I think i understand reason behind “cannot drop bombs while on the ground” to prevent killin yourself and others on airfield. But it also screws up a lot low level bombing runs.

Problem description:
My example is following: im currently playing israeli tech tree and because ho its structured im taking 5.3 spitfire as cas for 8.0 battles. Im facing radar guidded spaa so flying high is out of question before i can kill air defence. My tactics is to get speed behind terrain cover, kill the engine when poping out of cover to kill noise and gliding to spaa position to drop bombs on them. Multiple times i couldn’t drop bomb beacuse this “cannot drop bombs while on the ground” and it resulted in me beeing slow and directly over spaa that wasn’t bombed as god intended.

Proposed solution:
To change “cannot drop bombs while on the ground” logic that it takes into consideration not only altitude but also airspeed and/or if the gear is up.


I keep seeing the ‘An ally nearby is needing repairs’ I get that close to allied tanks… xD

This has screwed me over so many times, it’s like being punished for flying well.

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