Cannot activate XeSS in settings

Hello. I haven’t been able to activate XeSS in the Settings tab, even though I have a card that supports it (GTX 1660 SUPER). Is it just a placeholder or do I have to change something in the configs?

XeSS is made for intel, you probably want to use Nvidia DLSS instead

can I use DLSS even with a GTX 1660 SUPER though? how do I activate it?

If you hover over the option in game it shows you need a 20 series card so it probably cant work with your graphics card

From my limited understanding its a placeholder in the dev/work-in-progress client.

Suprised they decided to go down the path of XeSS when FSR still remains as probably the go-to open upscaling solution.

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No, you can’t. Your card is gtx, but you must have rtx cards to use it.
In my opinion don’t bother with upscaling. I have rtx 3060 and used DLSS in game. Everything is blurry and game became full of ghosting. Spotting someone became a nightmare in ground rb.

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I see. Thanks!

I own RTX 2060 and also cannot activate this. For jiggles, I wanted to give it a try.

You can’t activate dlss with rtx 2060? Or you mean xess?
If you mean xess, i can’t activate it either.

if you run the game on DX12 you can use XeSS

Hello, thanks for fast reply. Do you mean this? -forcestart -driver:dx12 on steam?

PS: I tried it and it did work, but game was running and stuttering in hard mode.

Yeah dx12 wasn’t good for me either. I guess that’s why it’s not official yet.

XeSS is the intel version i think. and DLSS is only FOR DLSS supporting cards. that means only RTX Cards

According to hardware unboxed xess is superior to fsr and xess 1.3 looks promising. Do we know what version of xess is supported in-game?

At the time of writing, that was not the case as far as im aware. But in terms of broad software support. FSR would still be the way to go.