Canadian Sub-tree for USA

Yeah alot people would be mad if it worked like that

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BAE consumes everything

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Indeed. At the end of the day, companies care very little for borders and very much about money.

(Odd I have had to use the statement for multiple modern Canadian things. First, the leopards whose modifications didn’t have any of the German government involvement and now the Canadian LAVs)

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The Leos should go to Germany though- I see no reason for them to go elsewhere, unless it was a Canadian independent tree. As the F-18s should go to the US, and the Churchills or whatever should go to Britain.

The LAV should go to, imo, an event US vehicle at best, or maybe Britain.

Overall, Canadian domestic stuff can just kinda go wherever it fits best. A.k.a. where it’s needed or where the developer is from/who they develop for.

Overall though, as I said, there is no winning with Canada. Regardless of what happens, someone is unhappy. Even with an independent tree, because people will always say it should have been a subtree for X nation. So.

no why rip apart a nation

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They shouldn’t come to the game at all if you are to split them up.

And as a Canadian, the US shouldn’t get anything Canadian. Not with what they want to do with us.

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In my honest opinion, Canada should just be independent. Not paired with a nation. However, if it had to be paired with nations, split it, simply because it is the way to appease the most people.

Great, then Canada shouldn’t get anything American. No F-18s, no CF-104s, etc. Plus, what the heck do we want to do to Canada? All I know is we want to beat you guys on world juniors hockey.

No spiting it would be the worse option

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how about you stop being a ***** mate

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I disagree. That said, I think the only good option is independent tree. Any other option is, in one way or another, bologna.

Take away our freedoms and independence. (and too many of those guys have power positions)

Also, Canada built those CF-104s itself. As with most of it’s “American equipment”

so you want Canada fight Canada every game

America doesn’t need CF18s and Germany doesn’t need Leopard 2 CANs

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Britain doesn’t need Leos or CF-18s either. Again, either have an independent Canada or no Canada, imo. Split trees is a last resort for having Canada while keeping people somewhat happy

I have not met a single Americans who think you guys shouldn’t be an independent, sovereign nation. That’s just ridiculous.

Great, you built them yourself. It’s an American design, with American engineering. So, therefore, it can reasonably go to the US, much more reasonable then let’s say, the SK-105 to France

Independent or Britain as splitting a nation is terrible

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