Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree

The M4A5 wasn’t added to USA because they share a border, it was added there most likely because the M4A5 is derivative of an American design, being the M3 Lee.


Well, particularly the M4 Sherman.

No the tank with closest relations with Ram is the M3 Lee. (fun fact the Ram is older than the Sherman only by about a month but older never the less). So Mahiwew is right

The tank based on the Sherman in Canada is called the Grizzly.

don’t believe me there is a tech tree with links to post up at the top here with that info.

also, M4A5 isn’t even the name of the tank nor is the one in game the Ram the US called that name.

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M4A5 was the name of the Ram II tanks USA was to suppose to recieve from their order, but they cancelled their entire order before even recieving a single vehicle.


I mean last I checked the US was to get a different model than the one in the game. if I recall they were to receive the longe barrled 6-pr one. Tho I need to double-check my facts on that one. I just checked to see if I could find anything and I couldn’t so there is a good chance I’m wrong.

Tho the problem now is a lot of people think Canada called it M4A5 and that it is a Sherman.

They were to receive Ram Mk. II “A”'s but the vehicle in game is the Ram Mk. II “B”. At least the first few tanks would of been the “A” model but if they actually received their order it would be mix of the models.
There isn’t much of a difference so it in theory is the “B” being in there is fine however they never received or tested the “B” model

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I think that an independent Canadian tech tree in-game will not be viable, there’s already less people playing Italy, China and Israel because most vehicles are too similar to existing trees. However, there are some Canadian vehicles I would be happy to see in-game, either in US, British or German tree (depending of the comunality of each vehicle with the others).

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Ram II sub-model A

Ram II sub-model B

Thatz what is the difference between these 2 as the description is the same?

Wouldn’t the biggest difference be the long-barled 6-pounder? As this has the same description as as D model or is this to be the one without a machine-gun turret? doesn’t look like it tho…

I probably accidentally wrote the incorrect description. I’ll try to correct it tomorrow if I can remember.

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I’ve made some changes to explain it a bit better.
Within each sub-model many modifications were done on the tank sometimes it would be a single vehicle that would be a one off however other times it would start half way through that sub-models production and each tank made after would include that modification.
It gets difficult to list but this small description is just a general description of the beginning of the production for that specific sub-model

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