Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree

Ill add them as possible additions later today with a few other vehicles i forgot

They would be great addition even if we didn’t use them they can definitely add more flavor to the tree, kinda of like the Of-40 does for Italy

Personally I’m against a sole Canadian tree. Either split the Commonwealth from the British tree and make that a new one, or just throw everything into the British one.

Putting everything in the UK tree shafts everyone involved. Considering the UK has more than enough domestic stuff.

And the Commonwealth tree would not be favoured as a nation, as it would have Leporads and Abrams at top tier. And I’ve looked at 3+ nation tree proposals and they quickly become unbalanced looking. (I can send examples if needs be)

This here is one of the few games where nations like Canada and Australia(the two Dommions left with enough stuff to have their own trees) the recognition they deserve.

Considering the best representation they have right now in gaming is extremely A-historical in a map game.

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I understand your whole message except this last sentence which confuses me. Are you able to try to explain what you meant in a different way?

It was late when I wrote that up and used the first example that came to mind which was HOI4 in which their focus trees being from near the start of the games life makes it balance reasons(that have long since been thrown out) have some A-historical thing in the historical section of there trees. I remembered later that Squad has Canada but that’s modern infantry and they don’t do vehicles well or so I hear.

I’m in the middle of writing up a post under a more awake and clear head that fleshes out my points that should be out later today.

I should explain myself better.

To add on to this just take a look at the UK suggestion here or the old forms you have enough stuff to replace every non-British thing in the UK tech tree, twice over. Has much as I hate to use this word(do it how it’s used to act like nations that aren’t them can be removed and nothing would change) the UK is a “major” especially in military development (one of the few places I feel the word is justified.). Heck even if you only look at stuff suggested on the new forums you’d have enough domestic British things to replace every non-British thing twice over.

Recent additions to the games show this with other MBTs added to a tree like what the Indian T-90 to the British tree has done to the community. And besides even without that split it seems like Gaijin don’t want to go past two nations formally in a tree (The tree in question and a sub-tree)

I’ve already had to re-explain the one so I’ll try for a third time if you were to look into the military-themed games you’d find a distinct lack of Dommion representation in gaming. Well, there have been more games with them in recent years it’s still few and far in-between.

Hopefully, this is a bit better explained than the post I’ve expanded upon.

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I understand it a lot better now, I will agree more of the late part of my tree it’s a bit lacking this is mainly do to the lack of Variant’s of Modern MBT’s, IFV’s etc. for Canada.

Yeah I understand you now. I think it’s because Canada doesn’t have a big military when compared to other countries. I am happy Canada was added to squad (I have yet to play it since it was added a few years ago.)

I have no plans on making a sub-tree suggestion (mainly because of how long this took and I have too many suggestions I plan to work on) however I’d gladly help out anybody working on a sub-tree using the research I’ve done etc.

found a video about the MRZR TOW from the Canadian Air Force

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I have watched that more times than I should have but I have a few questions.

A. Does this even qualify as a War Thunder vehicle?

B. Even if it dose isn’t it too new?

Canadian tech tree but its a sub tree of the USA, I’d be down for that, its mostly USA vehicles so It should be under the US despite the fact that it’s commonwealth.

No just no.

I can give you an essay on why that is wrong. there are two simple points I can simplify things into.

A. The US tree does not need a sub-tree as it is already full

B. The only time Canada used majority US designs was late WW2. Early war was more UK/Local and post it was modified British/German for tanks and local for IFV and APCs.


Yes it can be suggested, i just haven’t make a stand-alone suggestion yet for most of the vehicles I have on my tree (key word “yet” as I will but if somebody else makes it before me that is fine with me also)

Nope, but again remember this is just a suggestion and not what is going into the game. The KF41 coming in the next patch, Hungary received their first production vehicle of it late last year and their first domestically made one’s early this year.

I see. Thank you for letting me know.

I have a few other things to bring up.

Is it just me or is the image for Rheinmetall SolarΣShield not working?

I mean that inevitable even the major in-game have their tree get smaller around the modern era. There is not much you could do about it.

And, last but not least I found this one on Reddit not sure if it worth looking into:

Id need to look more into that as I cant remember why I didnt include that one.

Seems like They got rid of the photo, so I just replaced it with a different photo

After looking a bit into it that vehicle it looks like to me that the vehicle wasn’t planned to be armed with a recoilless rifle and many people confuse it with a different blueprint design of a different vehicle that looks similar. (But I could be wrong about that)

War Thunder has the reskinned tanks as premium right?

May I suggest one for this? The Sherman named “Bomb”. I keep hearing about this tank used by Canada because it fought from D-day to VE-day.

From what I could find it was a M4A2 Sherman. I don’t know if you accept I just thought about it when looking at things like the Corba King witch from what I could tell was just a Jumbo with a fancy skin.

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Yeah looks like it could be added as a premium M4A2

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Very good idea, though maybe better as a sub-tree under the British to avoid lots of clone vehicles. Would actually likewise enforce them and give a whole new avenue of reasons as to want to play them.

One problem. The UK already has a sub-tree that harms them. They are a major in military vehicles in real life for nothing. for every non-Britsh thing in their tree right now they got 2 Britsh things to replace it. Also, Canada moved away from British tech midway (for ground, air was even earlier) into the Cold War. but it is still a better choice than the US I’ll give you that.

Well yes, the proposal has a lot of copy-and-paste I can see where Thaz is coming from. I will henceforth refer to these types of trees as “Blanket trees” that show everything the nation made/modified and used. Not all of it is needed or would be added. It shows what can be added (and hey at least it’s not another Russian tank copy-and-pasted. I might be sick of seeing every tree get a ZSU but I wouldn’t mind a copy-and-paste Churchill even tho I didn’t like playing them)

Also with how they have been doing sub-trees as of late a Canadian sub-tree would just bring its copy-and-paste stuff and not its unique stuff. and it wouldn’t be taken well look at the Indian T-90. All the UK players I’ve talked to hate the idea of Can-leopard in their tree.