Can you understand my Naval Arcade score?

I can’t understand why I placed 4th in a naval arcade battle where I outperformed everyone else on both teams.

Here are the top 4 players on my team:

Player Deaths Caps Assists Damage Ships Planes Score Total BR
1 1 0 5 11471 5 0 2812 4.7
2 1 0 1 10771 4 0 2550 4.7
3 4 1 1 13228 6 0 2315 4.3
4 2 1 1 13845 8 0 1999 4.3

Here is the breakdown of my score:
Capture of zones: 200
Destruction of vehicles: 1228
Damage to enemy: 523
Assistance in destruction: 10
Receiving damage: 21
Deaths: 17

The three players above me received approximately triple the points for damage that I did. 1606, 1525, and 1408 for the players 1-3, respectively.

Here is how I did it:
Braver Border (BR 3.3) killed:
PT 812 (BR 3.0)

Wyvern (BR 4.3) killed:
Insuzu (BR 3.7)
Leopard (BR 3.7)
Frunze (BR 3.3)
Akizuki (BR 4.7)
T22 (BR 3.7)
SKR-7 (BR 4.3)

Grey Fox (BR 3.0) killed:
SKR-7 (BR 4.3)

What is going on? This is not consistent with the score calculator, if I am using it correctly. I am interested because I have a battle task to finish in the top 2 positions. I don’t know what to do to place higher.

Looks like you were playing 4.7.

So your 3.0s were rated at 65% of score for being 5 steps lower, and your 3.3s were rated at 78%.

Need to kill more co-BR stuff.

You can also look on the mouseovers on score at the end of games for other ideas.

Table 2: Battle activity modifier for kills and death reward value by BR differential (killer over victim)

BR steps BR Kill modifier Death reward
0 0 or less 1 0.3
1 0.3 0.99 0.3
2 0.7 0.94 0.28
3 1 0.87 0.26
4 1.3 0.78 0.23
5 1.7 0.65 0.2
6 2* 0.5 0.15 *Max differential for a plane death (AA)
7 2.3* 0.31 0.09 *Max differential for a helicopter death (AA)
8 2.7 or more 0.1 0.03 Max differential for all other deaths

Simply put: Because you did it with the most advanced equipment.

But my BR was 4.3 and the people in spots #1 and #2 had BR. 4.7.

There is a score calculator? Seems more like it was just making it up. lol.
Seriously, it seems like either its arbitrary Gaijininess, or there is some secret tactic like shooting HE to milk ships for “damage” instead of killing them, etc.

This is a thing?!? Is this for all modes?

Thanks for your help.

I think I have figured out the answer. It seems that damage produced with aircraft in naval battles is included in the Player Statistics table’s Damage to Naval Targets column, but it is not used in the score calculation. Looking at the Score Calculator, only damage produced using a ship counts towards the score. That ignores the damage from 6 of my 8 kills and really reduces my score. Sinking ships with a plane helps the team a lot, but not add much to your score.

By the way, I don’t know the source for the Table 2. you reproduced. I have the WT score, SL and RP reward calculation method document, but if you have a newer or better document, I would be grateful if you could share a link.

Thank you for the link!