Can you still get ammo racked if you have blowout panels?

I’ve had a couple games recently where I died to ammo detonation in my M1, even though I only took the ready rack. Somebody in one of my games said that you can still die from getting ammo racked in an M1, but it’s a small chance. That sounds very counterintuitive to me, I thought the only way for the M1 to die from ammo detonation is if the internal blast door takes a direct hit.

You can die if the shot penetrated blast doors (red in x-Ray in hangar). Hole in them cause explosion to happen into crew compartment, while if you get shot from the side and blast doors are not damage blow out panels will do the job.

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I’m aware of that. My question is, can you still get ammo racked if the blast door is intact? Because in the instances where I’ve died to ammo detonation in the M1, the shot came in from the side or I didn’t get a kill replay for it.

Its possible the spalling penetrated the doors. Its impossible to tell unless you provide a clip or replay.

That’s the thing. The shots tend to come from very weird positions. I was on Pradesh the other day, I was backing off from a standoff with a 292 on the other cliff, when a leopard on point B shot me in the rear. With where the shot hit, there’s really no way it could’ve reasonably hit my ammo. He would’ve killed my engine, but there’s no way the spall could reasonably hit my ammo from where he hit me.

Could be server de-sync, did it still show as not penetrating the blast doors on the actual server replay you access from here: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Aside from that I do remember some comments about a bug that if you carried HEAT rounds the blowout panels wouldn’t work. Not sure if there was any truth to it or if that was just pigeon religion.

I’m not sure if it’s still represented in game but Gaijin said themselves in the original M1 Abrams dev blog that “If the hit detonated HEAT or HESH ammo - the tank would be destroyed”