Can you See It?

Can you???

Way to make a pointless post. What about it, explain your point. You give no foundation to what you want us to see, respond etc.

OMG!!! I can see it!!! So cool

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Ur welcome bbg


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I want 2 know if u can see it…

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Why? What’s the point?

Can you see it or not it’s not that deep

2 make sure u can see waht I’m showing u…

I cant can you edit it pls

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HOW SO!!! I want w make sure u can see this very cool thing

please add an arrow to wherever the thingy is

Here bbg

Don’t ghost me mane … I wanna know if u can see the Very Cool thing!

I see a bomb is that all it is? I’ve seen thousands if not millions of them. Is this your first?

I recon u need 2 take a bettah look…

What do you think it is if not a bomb?

It’s not just any bomb… It’s a Cool Bomb…

if you say so. nothing special about it or unique. seems like everyu man and his dog has them in their trees if they play western jets

Then I just don’t kno waht cool is… Bc if dat ain’t coll i don’t kno waht id