Can we talk about the turret rotation speed of the Bofors 40mm model L/60

This doesent feel close to what we have in-game right now right? It feels closer to the rotation speeds of the L/70 that are currently in-game!

Compare IRL To in-game

IRL (Maybe not the fastest but idk.)

I made a bug report on this now, kindly go and support it: // Issues

Are they slower? If you have a explanation or something to bring up say it!

  • Yes, its slower than it should be
  • No, Its supposed to be that way
  • Idk, I’m not sure
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I’ve noticed that the crews in-game don’t turn the handles nearly as fast, or at different speeds. This feels very wrong is this enough evidence for a issue report. and if not can people help me get more proof or information.

Remember this is just the mounting and not any extra armour like the LVKV and Crusader. Though the Swedish Bofors does appear to be lacking compared to the rest of the 40mm armed versions.

Also another point that i constantly get annoyed by is that by disabling the engine the manual turret & elevation drive slows down to a crawl, that and the turret can be manned by one person while his dead comrade still operates the traverse.

The humans are battery powered. When the engine and battery power run out the hamsters start turning the wheel to generate the small amount of power needed to keep them functioning.

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