Can we please have the Leclerc fixed in the next update?

The Leclerc is know for its 5 second autoloader but in game it has a 6 second reload. I’m grateful that Gaijin is giving us the Leclerc Azur but if they are adding it to game they must know that it has a 5 second reload instead of 6 second, unless Gaijin has stopped actually researching for realistic stats. Even if the devs cant fix the reload for some reason can we at least get the OFL 120 F2 round? I feel like its time for this round to be implanted. From what ive read its not even as good as DM53 on the 2a6 and would give the Leclerc a bit of buff since its a pretty lack luster tank in game.


Gaijin did this on purpose to “balance” vehicles based on their br.


and yet the Type 10, X and prototype have a 4 sec reload, so there out there already.
the Prototype only has like JM33, but the 10 and X fire the type 10 round, which has 40mm more flat pen then the OFL 120 F1. I don’t know what the difference is between the F1 and F2, the only thing i could find from open source is that F2 has 80mm more pen at 2000m. the same source states that F1 is Tungsten alloy, the F2 is DU.

I know, but Gaijin act a lot sus.