Can we make the song "Advance Australia" the national anthem WarThunder and Gaijin?

Hello everyone,

hope your doing well I would just like to ask 1 question, can we please make the song “Advance Australia” WarThunder national anthem this song is Gaijin this is a song that Gaijin made a long time ago back when it was Anton Yudintsev and Karill Yudintsev and few other people developing WarThunder this was also when they used to record the sounds of each vehicle for the game.

This is the song here:

You can even hear this song being played by this patriotic man on the map called Arctic polar base
you can hear the tune being played at the C point sadly since i have a sound mod on i cant show you but i will put a picture of where it is and a youtube video with the specific tune:

The youtube video with the track:

I think a good tune for a War Thunder theme tune would have to be -
“For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica.