Can we get some help for the French, please?

Trying to grind out the Lorraine with just the Paris at rank V is extremely painful. Gaijin, you may not know this, but the French actually had quite a few ships in their navy being a naval powerhouse since the Middle Ages.


Pretty much anything that can be crammed into rank V to help with the grind would be nice.

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The french naval tree is in a similar situation to the italian naval tree shortly after its introduction, lacking competitive ships at the higher tiers. Hopefully, gaijin can fix their issues faster than they did italy’s


I’m still dreading the grind to finish Italy. I’m running out of ships to get though, so I may be forced to finish it.

Italy at least has a more complete tree even if the ships are not great.

I do enjoy playing French cruisers believe it or not. They hit a lot harder than most people expect. It’s a shame my car is more heavily armored than they are.

Well, I guess I have mixed feelings about having my request granted. We are getting something to help grind the French tree, but it’s a copy/paste of the Paris and will be 8380 GE.

It has fewer tertiary guns, and gets laughable torpedoes with a whopping 2 km range. That’s not a typo.