Can we get a decent tech tree Draken already?

J-35J when plz

They should give it flare pods as well just for balance reasons. I know they weren’t mounted on Swedish Drakens IRL but the F-5C never had flares either, nor did German F-4s and F-104s have AIM-9Js, they do this stuff all the time for balance reasons.


They should remove the inaccurate stuff, not add more of it.


I dont understand why this hasnt been added yet?!

In reference to

The F-5A has received AN/ALE-40… what difference does the F-5C have that should exclude its use of flares?
The F-4F used every AIM-9 variant up to the J, and that was what it was originally offered with.

The only information I can find of any variant of the “F-5” to have been equipped AN/ALE-40(N) (the one that attaches at the rear, as seen in-game on F-5A/F-5C) was the Dutch NF-5B.
So, whilst possible to fit, they never were fitted to American or Chinese (Taiwanese) service aircraft, and should thus be removed.
Also, just because the F-5C is the one mentioned by name, does not mean those complaining about it are also okay with it being on the F-5A - the F-5A is simply less prominent, so it is less talked about.

The F-4F did indeed have the AIM-9J, it is mentioned in multiple official F-4F manuals.

Almost every Dutch F-5 had them, A and B.

Or Norway


Even Nigeria…
This seems like more than a one-off thing, no?

It doesn’t matter if they did or didn’t, they were capable of it.
F-14A crews often removed and welded the glove vanes, yet the F-14A has glove vanes.
MSIP-I was cancelled, yet the F-15A in-game has flares.
There are so many miniscule things to knit-pick, but it makes no difference. F-5A/Cs could mount flares, so flares are mounted on the plane in-game.

Again, both aircraft are capable of attaching them. There is no complaint of the F-4 series using them, nor the F-104s. What difference does the F-5A/C make?

Thank you for these pictures. Looks like they were put on more non-US/Chinese variants than just the ones I could find.
Could you find an American or Chinese one too?

It matters A LOT.
Either we’re playing a Fantasy game or we’re not. I prefer if War Thunder was not a fantasy game like World of Tanks/Warplanes/Warships is.
History matters. What is real or not, and what was used or not used, matters.

If the game wants the F-5 with countermeasures, then add any number of the ones that actually carried them.

CBR says that National Guard modified their F-15A with CM dispensers so F-15A has CMs in game.


Well this turned from the draken to the F-5C and such real quick XD

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The F-5C never had flares mounted on it, as it was only used over a short period in Vietnam. I could ask the same question to you, what differences exist between the J-35J and J-35XS that would prohibit the J-35J from using the SAAB built flare pods?

They’re never going to remove the inaccurate stuff, the cat is already out of the bag, so may as well spread the love

It had the means to mount them, but it was never done in German service because Germany never procured the AIM-9J. They built improved AIM-9Bs under license and then transitioned directly to the AIM-9L

Can you tell me what functional difference the F-5C has compared to the F-5A and F-5B?

Then ask, I won’t answer because I don’t care either way. I’d like to see the J35D with flares, then again it wouldn’t effect me as Sweden has some of the most godawful planes out there.
Then again, when have we had the J35J in-game?

then get out of my Draken thread lmao

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My man, when trashy whataboutisms are made that aren’t even correct, I’ll intervene. If you believe BOY402 should be added to TT J-35s, all for ya. If people are going to use the F-5C as an excuse to give the J35 flares when both the F-5 and J35 both have clear variants with flares, I’ll call them out on their BS.

Your draken thread? Discussing what, the J35J that’s absolutely totally in-game?

They used them while training in the US on both the F-4 and F-104.

Yes, the thread where I made an argument for it to be added, which you’ve somehow misconstrued as something else. I only brought up the F-5C as it’s another example of a vehicle that received ordnance that it didn’t have IRL for balance purposes, and that’s what I’m asking for if/when they add the J-35J.