Can we expect Borodino-class battlecruiser?

It didn’t finish construction, but its weapons and hull were produced.I think before we get PR23/24, it is the only 14inch one for USSR Naval TT.

Would be nice to have it but at the same time it is bound to be unbalanced. At one hand, 12x356mm cannons, at the other, 200mm of armor would make this ship a 7.0 paper cannon

Being the biggest guns the Soviet tree can get before the unfinished battleships, it should be a given that we should get it eventually.

Sorry will need Iowa class (gulf war refit w/ ciws and tomahawks) to counter that. (jk) nah fr tho u guys think they will add the missouri in its WW2 state, then gulf war uss Iowa? Or something else

Can’t be much worse than Kongo and Haruna at 7.0 with 8x14-inch guns and 200mm of armor.

Kongo is suprisingly survivable for its armor scheme and with decent aa cover. Borodino is more similar to parizkaya which is currently one of if not the weakest 7.0. Yet due to having 356mm guns borodino after decompression would still be eligible for an uptier to 7.3.

If the keel was lied down, we can expect it.

It’s that simple :)

actually that 12 cannon is very fast reload(25 seconds or 20 seconds) and super heavy(747.8 kg), can be fast(823 m/s or 737 m/s)

also, her armor is 237 mm as I remember

The service charge only produced 732 m/s.

well I’ve known as ‘test’ was once tried in 823 m/s

I’ll choose 823 m/s with 25 seconds less deadly than 737 m/s with 20 seconds in WT naval

With Ismail’s turrets, it was initially expected to obtain a muzzle velocity of 2,700 fps (823 mps) with the AP Model 1911 projectile using a propellant charge of 541.67 lbs. (245.7 kg), but this gun design was too weak

although gun design was too weak but with 66-81,9kg bursting charge in HE shell and rate of fire was 3 rpm in design (Russia / USSR 14"/52 (35.6 cm) Pattern 1913 - NavWeaps), i very expect to see it’ll bully damn Scharnhorst, and follow it in tech tree will be Soyuz
btw, both Izmail and Sovetsky had high level completing than Kronshtadt, especially their insanely main gun were completed.

(left: HE, right: SAP)

That ‘HE’ is actually SAP, like German called their SAP as ‘HE-base fuze’
as we can see ballistic cap and penetration cap, yes it will be described as SAPCBC in War Thunder naval

No I think hte HE is HE and the SAP is SAP - naval AP shells have a lot less cavity for the explosive than that SAP one has - eg American 16" AP:


While German SpGr (HE but generally classed as SAP in War Thunder) has a comparable nose thickness to your illustration - eg 28cm SpGr of 2 types:
First L 3.6 Bdz

And L4.6 Bdz:

While the “more HE” L/4.4 Spgr (with nose fuze) looks roughly similar in proportions to the Russian one you show:

Cavity is not always ‘small’ on AP. Especially WW1 shells, when navies believe ‘more explosive = more damage’, the AP shells have extreme filler like what WW2 HE or SAP would have.


the one at the far left is 305 mm AP, which ingame russian/soviet 12’’ battleships use. Second one is SAP, which Poltava/Mariya/Marat/Kommuna uses in game. The third one is stock HE they have, and fourth one is HE mod.1928 that Kommuna and Kronshtadt has.

Let’s compare first round(AP) and second shell(SAP) to the 14’’ shells I upload above. Yes, AP has similar cavity to the right one and SAP has similar cavity to left one. WW1 HE has even more cavity than those two.

You can think Cavity is big, but that is how russians design their shells.


Aslo, mentioning American 16’’ AP for cavity is not appropriate as they extremely make less cavity for Super Heavy Shell for better penetration and ballistic trajectory. Usual WW2 AP shells were like above. First is British 15’’ AP, and second one is German AP

Completely untrue - the heavy shell had a bigger burster charge than the “light” one - the extra weight comes from having a lot more steel in a larger shell.


The 16" “heavy” AP is the shell on the right in the picture - the Mk 8 APC. It weights 2700lb and has a 40.9 lb burster charge. USA 16"/45 (40.6 cm) Mark 6 - NavWeaps

The shell on the left is the Mk 5 APC - the “normal” AP shell weighing 2240lb with a 33.6lb charge (USA 16"/45 (40.6 cm) Mark 5 and Mark 8 - NavWeaps)

Indeed which means they under-perform in penetration, and so what they call ““SAP” is closer to HE for everyone else, and hte “AP” you show for the 14” looks like SAP for everyone else - thank you!

Let’s compare American AP Mark 5 and British AP Mark 1B. They are same caliber, and Biritish AP Mark 1B is about 6 cm taller, but significantly lighter(about 100 kg) because while American AP Mark 5 only has 15.2 kg of filler(and space for that cavity), British AP Mark 1B has 23.2 kg of filler(also, space for that cavity)

American APs, both Mark 5 and Mark 8, has about 1.5% of filler/total weight ratio, while other nations except Italy has around 2.3% to 2.5% for their AP. Americans did put significantly less cavity and weight for their filler

So now you just ignore official designation and call by yourself. Great. Now go to developers and see your sophistry work

Though not Soviet, they still have the loaned HMS Royal Sovereign to help fill the gap. Especially given the fact that they added Novorossiysk.

Edit: I had stated that the Arkhangelsk was a Queen Elizabeth BB

*Royal Sovereign-class


You are right, my bad.
I keep getting Revenge class and Queen Elizabeth class confused.
I should have confirmed before posting.