Can we expect a MIG 25 anytime soon?

I was wondering would we ever get a MIG 25 seeing the Gaijin is adding more and more modern fighters and starting to leave cold war era i just feel sad that we still don’t have such a legend as 25


Seeing as the original MiG-25 was primarily an interceptor, I don’t think it would perform well in the current meta, as the maps are too small, match length is too short, and it overwhelmingly consists of low altitude dogfights at tree top level.

It might be for the same reason as why more modern strategic bombers haven’t been added yet.

I think we’d need to see some gameplay changes first, such as enduring confrontation for Air Realistic battles. That way it could fulfill it’s design role by intercepting AI (or even player) bombers and spy planes at high altitude.


I agree but i believe it will still be useful in top tier mainly because there is a lot of players that still do climb for the BVR and the r40t should perform close to r27et


So, you mean it would perform like a Lightning F6 or Tornado F3?

I don’t really know, but from what I’ve heard they aren’t doing so great.

it would be a nice niche plane to see

I love the guy named MiG-25PD pledging for the MiG-25.

Hey @MiG_23M, thoughts? We need the full MiG gang to back this.


The Lightning is one of the best supersonic aircraft for its BR, having great maneuverability even up to 12km.

The Tornado is… Eh.

Basically the Tornado F3 and Mig-25 would perform the same role and perform similarly. Though the Mig-25 would be able to run away from everything and the Tornado F3 can’t.

It would be good to see more “bad” or maybe “hard to use” aircraft for the soviet tree. and if we start adding vehicles based upon whether or not they are “good” or “usable” then several nations have just run out of new vehicles.

I think “great maneuvability” is a stretch, its easily out-turned by things like Mig-21s or even Harriers. The biggest issue though is the state of red tops. They are woefully underperforming at the minute

From what I’ve seen it’s able to outmaneuver my MiG-19 while high-up, which is insane seeing what the MiG-19 can do against its peers.

Oh really? Tell me more about how some of the best turning aircraft in the 9.3-10.3 BR range outturn a heavy interceptor xD

I personally hate Britain for their low-BR missiles. I’d rather fly the Vautour or F-104 if I wanted bad missiles.

Somebody had to do it and who is better than me for the job



MiG-25 is too much of a hyperspecialized interceptor to be particularly useful in War Thunder. The aircraft itself is designed for pure speed (a whopping Mach 3.08) at the expense of all maneuverability. Armament-wise, the Foxbat only has R-60Ms and R-40s, hulking missiles with decent range but completely unable to hit a target pulling over 4gs. In addition, while it’s marketed as having a Pulse-Doppler radar in reality the Sapfir-25 is just a modified Sapfir-23 from the MiG-23ML and the “pulse doppler” is only MTI. Not great for a high-altitude interceptor.

Its son the MiG-31, on the other hand, is a much more balanced aircraft. With an extremely fast firing (8,000RPM!) GSh-23-6 and options of R-60Ms, R-40s, R-73s, and R-33s (SARH AIM-54C equivalent, combined with multi-targetting PESA radar basically ARH) the A2A armament of the MiG-31 is extremely similar to the F-14B. While the MiG-25 ancestry is clear on the MiG-31, its flight performance is more well-rounded. Top speed is reduced to Mach 2.83 while its composite construction gives it half-decent maneuverability.

Basically, the MiG-25 is an unbalanceable one-trick pony while the MiG-31 is an F-14B that gives up CAS capability and some maneuverability for MOAR SPEED!!!

MiG-31 would be awesome to see alongside the F-14D in a future update at around 12.3.


R-40 is more like a flying brick, it can’t hit any target that over 4g which even bombers in WT can do.

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particularly, after the show Iraqi 25s prepared for Americans.

you can expect a removal of the soviet tech tree soon enough so i doubt theyd add a plane to a non existing nation