Can somone help me

so recently my friend came over to play war thunder with me and my brother but when I went away to do somthing else for a bit I came back to find that my friend changed my war thunder username! my friend is a big time weeb and he changed it to this and now when I play I get hate for being a ‘‘weeb’’ I was wondering if my username could be reverted back to my old one or changed without me paying money


Try to open a ticket on the GJ account support site:

sign in with your GJ logs and after on “submit a request”.

But i think you must paid for changing your pseudo…

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you can try talking to a Moderator via PM

Your account, your responsibility, especially if you let someone use it.

Same like handing out your login data to a 3rd party.

I am pretty sure you can change it with golden eagles. Or if you wait long enough you can change it for free.

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It was or is free, everytime ive ever changed my name there was no cost to me. however i rarely change my name.

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