Can something be done to the IAI Kfir's radar to make it less insufferable having them on your team

Why is it that the radar on the Kfir can be picked up by all allied aircraft no matter where you’re on the map your aircraft RWR (if it has one) is either beeping & booping or a constant BEEP (french RWR sets) even if the aircraft is 10km away & ahead of yourself & not locking you at that.

Like I’ve been told the radar is for a radar gunsight which the aircraft apparently doesn’t get in game yet that crap is so bloody annoying I’m almost wanting to just teamkill the source aircraft due to how obnoxiously annoying it’s to have on your team.

I’ve also been told by other players this radars are the reasons they don’t use headsets or play those BR’s ntm is the reason some of them don’t realise they’re being locked on by legitimate enemy targets as they pass it off as just a friendly Kfir.

Can the devs like maybe just maybe remove it from the list of radar sets all RWR’s pick up if it’s such a useless item (tbh probably okay in ASB if gunsights work there).

Having to listen to either the beeping or the constant beep is like listening to BAD NETWORK CONNECTION flashing for a whole year again (australian internet moment) it’s horribly annoying that such obnoxious things are in this game.

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