Can someone tell me the point of the SU-27SM?

J-11A has 30 more flares
J-11A has MAWS

MAWS alone is incredibly strong and deserving of a BR difference

At the same BR, with exact same weaponry.

What is the point of this piece of trash?

At least make them different BR.

It makes no sense

Su-27SM has better RWR and better A2G options.


A2G does not affect BR. GRB has different BR now

Forgot about it.

Su-27SM can guide two different missiles simultaneously, J-11A can only guide 1 air to air missile at a time.


for air to air the Su27SM is better for now

J11-A has a worse RWR and can only guide one at a time

Later J-11s will end up being much better then Russian Flankers