Can someone tell me please how do i pack materials into the empty tradable container? i just cant find it

can someone tell me how i do it
i just cant find it

Do you know if you have any empty tradable containers? They get given out, you can’t just make them yourself.
In the Workshop, it should appear like this if you have some empty tradable containers. In the screenshot I have 1 empty tradable container available which I’ve underlined in yellow. You then just click the “Assemble for sale”, and once it’s created you’d then click the link to go in to the Market (the “You can sell or purchase…” text)

(edit: The bad news is that it might be too late to do any trading on containers as there are a lot on the market for not many buyers, and they’ll disappear soon anyway)

i have one
i bought container from the shop and after i opened that i got one empty tradable container