Can someone see why I was "reported"

Here is the replay, I am just confused

if you don’t want to watch the replay, I killed a Sea Vixen in my MiG-19 and he claimed to report me.
His user was regionlockchina

edit: even though I know I’ve done nothing wrong, with the amount of bans occurring atm I don’t want to take any chances.

How do you know you were reported?

I don’t know for sure but in the chat they told me I was. I’m JUST making sure I won’t lose my account with everything going on atm.

I have heard this many times in the past. Just ignore it, unless you used bad language in chat or actually attacked a blue player in game.

I have as well, but I’ve got over $800 and 6+ years worth of stuff on my account I DON’T want to lose it. so I’m taking every precaution I can