Can someone explain me why M338 is not on Mk3

Can anyone explain me why the IMI M338 APDFS Ammo is not made available to Merkava 3B Tanks although it is very clear that the Ammo is in use by IDF

Merkava Mk 3 Tank Firepower

Merkava MG251 120mm Smoothbore Main Gun

The Principal upgrade has been the introduction of a 120mm, calibre Length 44 smoothbore main gun developed and manufactured by IMI’s SLAVIN Land Systems Division called the MG251. The MG251 complies with NATO STANAG 4385 ( the ammunition is described in this standard as 120 × 570mm length) and is therefore capable of firing all NATO standard ammunition.

IMI manufacturer M329 APAM-MP-T, M322 APFSDS-T, M324 TPCSDS-T, M325 HEAT-MP-T, M326 TP-T, M337 STUN, M338 APFSDS-T and M339 HE-MP-T rounds for the MG251.

The MG251 is capable of firing the LAHAT (Laser Homing Attack or Laser Homing Anti-Tank) which is a third generation semi-active laser homing low-weight anti-tank guided missile manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries. The main gun is fully stabilized as are the gunners sight with both day and thermal channels.

I don’t understand this.


Shells are 100% assigned based upon balance. A number of vehicles (both air and ground) dont get their historically accurate loadouts.

Challenger DS is the best example in this case that I can think of. It ONLY deployed to Desert Storm armed with L26 shells and never L23A1. It only has L23A1 in game and they refuse to add L26 citing balance. You could try a bug report if you have plenty of sources for it but it will likely only be a suggestion


An even better example is the Leo 2A4.
Gaijin received multiple valid informations from Andrew in 2019.

They responded with basically. This is good info but we decide when and if we give it to the 2A4

It was about DM33.
DM33 is actually older than the 2A4 and it never used DM13/23.
I don’t know why the Japs get it and not the 2A4 but oh well.
I heard that the Swedish 2A4 (Strv121) also never used these ammo types but rather also the slpprj m/95 like the Strv122s 🤷‍♂️