Can no longer download the game on steam?

Hi there! I have been playing the game for a long time now, I recently tried downloaded the new update through steam… but the game will no longer download… Why is this? Was the game unlisted from steam? I have been playing for around 5000 hours now… and now I can not play… What is going on?

WT is still available on Steam and thousands of players run (and update) the game from Steam every day…

what’s happening when you (try to) run the game from Steam ?! do you get any kind of error message ?

It just stops at 64% and then never starts up again. Every time i restart it. It just cancels out. Been trying for a week. Even factory reset pc. Still nothing

Stops as in it sits on 64%? or stops as in it closes the launcher?

@Shinya__ Hi!
Can I know where do you live? Have you changed system DNS settings?