Can my game login be stolen when I use public Wi-Fi?

A hotel network where the Wi-Fi password is basically common knowledge: can my game login be snooped by someone?

as someone who uses that often the answer is no they cant and if they do change your password or get 2 factor autifaction

Always expect your personal information to be compromised on a public network. 2 Factor auth is your friend. For everything else use a vpn.

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Sorry, I should have clarified: I have two factor authentication for the desktop version of the game, but I will be playing WT Mobile. Roaming charges are insane where I am going, so I need Wi-Fi.

Mobile devices access the internet the same way and send the same information, so it is possible to intercept the traffic. Some VPN on mobile devices can slow it down but can still be used. If you dont want to use a vpn on your mobile device you will want to change the password often. You can always log into the game with the cell network then switch over to the public wifi to play. Ether way when you are done with your trip and back home would defiantly change any and all passwords you used while on your trip even the ones that used the cellular service