Can Milan add magic1?

Can Milan add R550 Magic1?

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This was answered on the old forum, as far as I remember. The gist of it is that, while it could have theoretically received the hardpoints for it, these were never installed on the prototype. And since it was destined to the Swiss Air Force (which only uses US made missiles), Gaijin decided not to add the Magic to the Milan, unfortunately.

That’s sorta true and untrue. Magic I and II are backwards compatible with AIM-9 launch rails, so any aircraft capable of launching sidewinder (barring perhaps comBloc ones using copied sidewinders) is also capable of launching Magic. No special hardpoints required.

If the F-5C is any precedent, then Milan should be allowed Magic I (and maybe flares). F-5C is allowed flares that were never mounted in US service but mounted on similar types in export configs.

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Difference is the Milan we have in War Thunder never existed at the same time as Magic. It is modelled based on a version of the prototype that only existed before Magic’s first flight trials.
The later version tested from 1972 onward, had a different nose accommodating the targeting systems developed for Jaguar.

The whole Milan project was being scrapped at the time Magic was entering service with the French air force.

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