Can mac users change their kill messages

I’m a mac player and I was wondering if it was possible to change the kill message. I have looked and haven’t found any tutorials on how to do it on mac only on windows. I can’t find any of the files I need to change it. help would be much appreciated



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Yes you can. It’s part of lang modding which is changing the game’s text files and it is fully allowed. To do it you need to find your War Thunder folder and on Mac it’s annoying if you’re not using Steam, but it is absolutely possible.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Applications folder.
  2. Find WarThunderLauncher.
  3. Right click on WarThunderLauncher and click the “Show package contents” option.
  4. That will bring you to a folder called Contents. Open that folder.
  5. In the contents folder you will see an item called WarThunder.
  6. Right click on WarThunder and click the “Show package contents” option.
  7. You will see another folder called Contents. Open that folder.
  8. Within that contents folder there is a folder called Resources. Open that folder.
  9. In Resources there is a folder called game. The folder called game is your War Thunder folder. That is the folder that is usually called War Thunder on Windows. Pin the game folder to your sidebar for quick access because you will be going back to it a lot.
  10. From there, just follow the normal steps for installing a lang mod that can be found on the War Thunder Wiki and through countless tutorials. Every time they say open your War Thunder folder, you use that game folder and other than that you can follow all the normal steps. The steps do not change between Windows and MacOS for installing lang mods once you have found that game folder.

It’s not the same tho? On mac rn, and I can’t find the lang folder, which is usually in the root on windows.

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Because just like on Windows, lang is not a folder that exists by default. You need to add a line to config.blk to get it to appear. That is included in the War Thunder Wiki instructions I linked. The same thing happens on Windows. On Windows, lang is also not there by default and you need to add that line to config.blk.

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huh. I don’t remember having to do that on windows.

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That likely means you had to do it a long time ago. On Windows it’s much easier to forget because you don’t need to go through a multi-step process to find the folder, you just take the folder, add 1 line, run the game, and then lang appears.

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There’s also a toggle for it ingame, but that toggle doesn’t actually add the line to config.blk, it just stops the lang mod from displaying and uses the standard localization if you already have that line there.

I’d also recommend doing more research into lang mods because you can do much more than just changing a kill message. I’ve renamed over 80% of the vehicles ingame to be more historically accurate and now I’m working on weapons.

Thanks bro! I had a tough time choosing whether I should get a Mac or PC because Apple started making some really good processor upgrades and I do video editing work (Which Macs are known for). I’m glad games like war, thunder, and others have or are starting to have Mac support

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I would recommend a PC. For gaming in general, PCs are simply more versatile and allow you to do more. Also, a good PC will run WT much better than a good Mac.

I have an issue with step 5, I see the war thunder folder, but there are only two items in that folder, warThunder.icns and warThunder.plist, can you help me with that?

Could you please send an image? That is not what appears in my contents folder. Also try again to make sure you followed the right path.

here is what happens if I right click the folder

That is super strange. I apologize that I do not know how to fix this. This is what that same folder looks like for me.


I’m really sorry.

is it possibly the way I downloaded the game? I got it on steam and dragged the launcher to my desktop, is there a different way I should download it?

Ohhhh. On steam it’s much easier. Find your steamapps folder (there are multiple tutorials on how to do that on Mac), find War Thunder within there, and then follow the normal tutorial on the War Thunder Wiki. All of the steps should be the same as on the wiki.

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ok, thank you so much for your help

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Np, happy to help. Did you manage to figure it out?

I found the steam app folder, then you said I could go to the war thunder wiki to get a tutorial, they should have everything I need right

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