Can i send f4 documents into forums or is that classified

im js curious

Are the documents classified?

@TheToiletTaker Is there any “Confidential/Restricted/Classified/Officials Only/Export Restricted/DoD only” marking on it?

Where do u get the documents?

Should be fine if the document is issued before 1980. The 1945 B-29 manual also has Restricted markings on it.

Sometimes year doesn’t matter.What are those documents about?

will i get banned if it says export restricted


You aren’t allowed to post that

it’s not OK if it says export restricted and after the 1980

Yes.Export restricted documents arent meant for everyone to see. But if the document is really old(e.g before 1960 or 1950) it should be safe to share.

Give the name of the document because more than likely they’re already publicly available and have been posted before. For instance ‘TO 1F-4E-34-1-1 Weapons Delivery Manual 1986’

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don’t send documents if you don’t know if their classified or not

I have contacted him in PM.Most of his documents were declassified