Can i get a refund for ◄G.91 R/4

i bought the ◄G.91 R/4 accidently and thought maybe it is okay and played a couple of games on it but it is horrible can you guys remove the sl and rp from those battles and can i get a refund?

I believe it’s in the tos about refunds etc . The only way you can get your money back is to talk through your bank (if you paid via card) and chargeback . But this will get your account banned for security reasons I think

Using it was a bad idea.

So we should remove SL and RP you earned, refund repair costs for all the players you have destroyed and pretend you never participated in those battles? ;)

Please contact support if you have any question related to financial part of your in game purchase. We cannot help you on our forum, sorry.

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