Can Gaijin delete the HEAT of the Type 62 and place it in sections 5.3-5.7?

Although this HEAT shell has a penetration power of 300mm, it often requires multiple shots to destroy the enemy. For a light tank that relies on its mobility, this problem is very serious. Due to this HEAT shell, the Type 62’s battle rating is set at 6.7.

I believe the Type 62 should have its HEAT shells removed and its BR reduced to 5.3-5.7, which would provide a better combat environment. In the future, when adding the Type 62-1 to the game, HEAT and APFSDS can be added together, just like with the ZST63.

Without the HEAT it would be placed at 6.0 minimum. It’s a very mobile tank with a 164mm running aphe round.

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but its armor is very weak

just the same as T3485. to be honest, I think T3485 should also be lowered to 5.3

And why not increase the damage to the HEAT and increase the Br to 7.0?

Tell that to the M18 Hellcat


It gets scouting

Which T3485 gets this round?

No, it’s better at 6.7.
5.3 already has a light tank.

I remember wrong

the type 62 has better armor then what a lot of 5.0-5.9 things can pen when you take into account it’s a cold war tank with a high velocity gun going against a br that still has tanks with low velocity guns and some tanks still don’t have that great of armor. It can stay where it is and you can just actually learn how to use it and use it well.

So you want Type 62 to do what Obj211 already does? Seems like complete waste of time to change this


When the tank was first added to the game (2016 event) it was released at 5.7 without HEAT-FS. People voted for it to get HEAT-FS and a BR increase. Blame the players?

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okay, change your mind. copy and paste a version at 5.7,as a GE vehicle, how is it?
and add a camouflage net
just like China M41A3 GE vehicle

also, why can’t I edit my theme anymore?

Its way too OP to put the Type 62 at 5.3, I agree with the first reply - it will be 6.0 minimum. Also the Type 62 being in its current BR of 6.7 isnt too bad. Its even better on an uptier because it means that it would be fighting soft skinned MBTs instead which the heat will have no problem whatsoever.

It also complements the current lineup of heavy IS-2s for the Chinese.

I feel like you should be maining the aphe anyay. I main the aphe because it works best for side shots. I take some heatfs for those times when i get in a spot i can get out of and the enemy is facing me.

It’s much of the same, it has same penetration as the tiger 88mm rounds, which have worse pen at 60 degrees. When you say it is mobile, it gets 10 degree traverse and 10 km/h reverse, so it can not do anything like the hellcat, the armour can only prevent you from being killed by antiaircraft guns, so not much different. Remember this is aced statistics, you get 5 degree turret traverse if you are stock, how do you use this, its a t34-85 with worse armour, worse turret traverse, similar rounds, since you get BR365A first, (135mm pen).

It seems weird that the Type 62 has the exact same traverse speed as the Type 59 since it has a smaller and lighter turret. It also seems to be missing the frontal fuel tank the Type 59 / T-54s usually have. The Type 62 most likely has a frontal hull fuel tank since it has the refilling cover in the same spot.

Perhaps there are historical errors that might help the Type 62 out.

The best thing would probably be to add a Type 62-I with a laser range finder and APFSDS like the ZTS-63.