Can enyone help me with Merkava 3 article?

I found an article online about merkava. I just can’t translate it. Help me translate the article and maybe I will make a tank report based on this information.

If I’m not mistaken, it says here that the Merkava has at least 400 mm of armor steel in the front of the hull vs KE.

Yes, most of the article has been translated, but I’m specifically interested in the last few photographs showing the ERA.
Perhaps this is one of the proofs that starting from the third Merkava, either the use of the SLERA concept in armor was planned, or it was already used.
And also maybe it’s just the Chinese ERA



Fig.1: Built-in asymmetric ERA, External armor, Internal armor, Integrated reactive armor with built-in chamber, schematic for bulit-in type (Israel), schematic for bulit-in type (Russia)
Fig.2: Simulating shooting testing, Using HOT ATGM to modular Armor
Fig.3: Equivalent steel plate thickness