Can be ground RB 7th rank played without premium?

For me, it would be 6$ per month because I donate to Ukraine same amount I spend for this game :D

Um, premium time expires in real time so if you get 30 days of premium and only play 10 days, the other 15 days of premium disappear.

I’ve taken that approach for years. The economy definitely got worse over time. The major changes in 2023 definitely improved these issues. That being said, I think you need to consider something else.

This game has more consistent updates than any “AAA” title. This coming from someone who has left negative Steam reviews for said game. I’m definitely not a shill…

After a decade of playing - I thought about the fact that in order to maintain that, the money does need to come in. Maybe you don’t want to pay for premium but find a premium vehicle worth it. I jumped on the sale and bought an F-4S because it has some meaning with my dad having been a crew chief on them for much of his career. Now I think more and more about buying premium. I have a huge love hate relationship with this game. At the end of the day it needs cash to still be viable. I think it’s worth supporting.

You can definitely make money in top tier but like others have said… You are going to need to be an above average player. Otherwise you will stagnate. Premium is worth it in this regard. At least it has become that way to me. It keeps me from having to invest my life into the game and it’s cheaper than my previous WoW addictions lol.

Got you covered on the ranty reply 😂🫡

As to cost: If you want premium for $3 a month, you have to buy a year, when it is on sale. So if you don’t play for 2 month, you paid ~$36 for 10 month. So it is $3.60 per month in that case.

Interesting math ;-)

cough yeah um… it’s new math. Experimental. I wasn’t like, waiting for my first cup of coffee of the day ;)

(but yes you’re right - I won’t edit it, it’s funny :D)