Can anybody else not flare while holding WEP after the new patch?

I cant use flares (Lshift) while holding WEP (W) after the new patch and its giving the the shits. is there a way to fix this?

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seems gaijin broke something related to the shift key, i cant pitch up(which is my shift key) if i hold C(look around)

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update: ive fixed my issue, try checking for what pressing shift + w does, then remove the keybind for it, gaijin added alot of default keybinds that replaced some existing ones

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Oh, would loading old key mapping preset file fix that for everything?

With every update your controls can get messed up, try and reload an old save of your controls or remap your keybinds

IT did not helped


it didnt for me, had to rebind everything that was changed

i HAD to do same f thing, and it over binded stuff that i already binded whats f β€œfunier” my RB settings are maybe fixed, oh f i did not checked mec, meanwhile my SIM settings are fuc*d

Why the fyck it overwritten settings in my OWN FUKING PRESTS?! WHATS THE FUKING POINT OF HAVING PRESTS IF THE GET OVER FUKING WRITTEN i spent so myuch ducking time setting those f keys and now all fuuuki n breoken

i swear im gona explode

When you fix your keybinds make a copy of the .blk. If you do it before the major updates you should be able to avoid this

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Thats a good advice, will do that