Camouflage Netting for Tanks

In War Thunder, bushes and camouflage paints have been available for some time now to customize and camouflage your vehicles - a few premium vehicles even include camouflage nets in the model.

I don’t think camouflage is overly useful at higher ratings (after the widespread use of thermal optics), but even there and at lower BR especially, camouflage nets would be great.
I envision this primarily as another modification line.

  1. camouflage netting for gun barrels
  2. camouflage net for turret
  3. camouflage net for hull

In the case of anti-aircraft vehicles, it would also be nice to have the option of “stationing” your vehicle and throwing a camouflage net over it so that it has maximum camouflage, especially against airplanes.

Something like in this loading screen:

The other option would be to insert the camouflage nets as 3D decoration, which I imagine would be more complicated and far less practical.

What do you think?

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I wish the bushes/trees we can stick on our tanks for GE were more realistic looking like the barrel camos you see on tanks like the PzBtl123. So they are more cosmetic whilst giving you some camouflage, without having a whole bush magically glued to the front of your tank.

The problem is that the code for such dynamic objects would be… a PITA, and bug prone. Even if its fixed like the netted up Leo 2Asumthing it will introduce a new group of ways the render could misbehave. Look at how the relatively simple static bush object can have weird behavior.
Either way it would be a lot of expense and even more demand on client GPUs.
Which probably means it will be in the next patch.

Hmm, I initially thought of the camouflage nets as “rigid” elements - rather functional.
Dynamic properties, like with the bushes ^^, could come later.

That would be my idea for the practical application, to assign the camouflage nets to individual camouflage coats as well:

Without anything - at the right side, above the decals there are 3 fields where you can activate the Camouflage:

With Gun-Camouflage:

With Gun- & Turret-Camouflage

With Gun-, Turret- & Hull-Camouflage