Camouflage in ground arcade battles useful?

Is camouflage in ground arcade battles useful or is it a waist of money to buy camouflage?

It’s not useful at all, they will see you anyway.


Technically the salad bar stuff does nothing for you in Arcade due to tag markers.

But I believe it does screws with the hit box software somehow. Same shot on the same tank, one without shrubs will be a kill, covered with bush’s good chance it bounces. Just my personal experience with it. Seems like it makes it harder for the target crosshair software to settle on the point, crosshair wants to slide around.

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OK - I’ll will test if it makes any difference. Thanks,

There was a situation where placing bushes over a WEAK spot on a tank would make the aim reticle not change color. If you aimed at a part of a target with a bush you would not get the red/green sight. This would make it harder to “find” the weak spot by relying on the gunsight changing to green…
Was (and i think still is) used a lot with the M4 Jumbo driver port.
However, a past update made it harder to place bushes over weakspots…and i am not sure if this is still a thing…haven’t played vs jumbos lately…and haven’t tried placing a bush also…

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