Camouflage Conundrum

I wanted to post this here before (if at all) posting to tech support, in case there’s something I’ve missed. Hopefully one or more of you WT therapists can help. The camo schemes I get for my vehicles have been achieved through grinding and each vehicle has multiple schemes - I haven’t received any skins through payment or rewards, just normal grinding. I have selected (checked the box) those schemes which I prefer to use in specific map environments, and this is important, I’ve left UNCHECKED those schemes I wish NOT to use at all (these are redundant schemes as they can all be used in temperate, green-vegetation environments). I’ve also checked “auto” for camo application depending upon the scenario map selection. So here’s the problem: Many, many times my vehicle appears on the map at battle start in a camo scheme that is NOT selected (box left unchecked). Why does this happen? I’ve also learned - trial and error - that if you make camo scheme adjustments, the “auto” selection turns off by itself, which is an absolute pain: I had several winter battles in which my vehicles appeared in non-winter schemes when they were available and selected, so my vehicles were easy targets. So every time I make adjustments I HAVE TO MAKE SURE the “auto” selection is on. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it, wasting time pre-battle by camo selection when there are other more important things to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

Assuming you’re a PC player (I don’t know console U/I or if it’s different).

The checkboxes don’t determine which camoes are used or not used. They just identify which presets for decals and camo apply to which ones when they’re shown.

The camo is chosen randomly for all camoes you own that match that ground environment setting. There’s currently no way to leave a camo you’ve earned out of the wheel of choice on that.

A lot of people’s camo settings got set to Auto=NO on a recent update. It has nothing to do with whether you’ve made any adjustments. It just turns off for everybody randomly now. I’ve yet to see it reset itself again, after I set it to YES again. It seems to have more to do with lineup changes, possibly, bringing in new vehicles seems to set them to NO. It seems a little similar that way to how air vehicle ammo often resets to default belts if you do lineup changes.


Bruce_R1, thanks for the response. Yes I’m PC. Regarding your explanation of the checkboxes, they make no sense if you have a choice between several patterns and the scenario randomly selects a pattern, ignoring your supposed selection (and I just confirmed 10 minutes ago, environment may not make a difference at all even if you have a correct pattern!), then why have the checkboxes to begin with? You’re not a developer, I assume, so this was a rhetorical question. Your explanation for the auto “on/off” setting makes sense. So for camo, I’ll just treat it as a useless waste of time attempting to do anything with it. Being that this is a free service, we get what we pay for. I wouldn’t know air vehicle settings since I stopped playing air early on.

To be clear - the automatic camo selection isn’t RANDOM - but some cam’s are linked to specific maps by Gaijin, and automatically applied.

IIRC you an turn it off somewhere, not sure where tho sorry.

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you can do that for every vehicle you own (lot of work eh)
hangar->select tank/ship/whatever->individualisation->automatic camo->OFF

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The checkboxes are just to indicate which other camo patterns share the same decal/decoration preset, like I said. Once you have your bushes or decals the way you like, they allow you to extend that across multiple camoes by going back and checking the box to apply them to the new camo earned as well. But yeah has nothing to do with which one you get in a game when you have multiples for the three environments (forest, desert, snow). In the lobby it tells you which environment the game map is and you can toggle off auto-cam there as well. Works fairly well if you only have one camo for each of the three, broken if you have more than that.

Just to try to make it simpler…although the explanation above is correct.

Turning auto cammo ON will change the COLOR (cammo pattern) of the vehicle depending on the map.
If you turn it OFF the vehicle will use the same color (selected by you) for all maps.
You can have ON or OFF, no middle ground…you either use ONE cammo or ALL (auto selected).

Decals are an EXTRA feature that you can have or not.
The checkboxes only define on which colors you use the decals.
I usually have the same decals for all colors, so all checkboxes.
This has NO EFFECT on color (cammo).

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It is not random. The pattern depends on the map…desert for desert maps, green for forest maps, white for snow, etc…
In some cases there is more than one option…here it may be random, but only between the valid options.

Thanks GhostSoph, this explains it well. My frustration was the redundancy in “green” patterns; I only wanted/needed one and yet the others popped up when I’d deselected them. Thanks for explaining.

You can always briefly check what camo is selected and chose a different one before spawning in.

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Have you ever considered making your own camo out of decals? Such as all black over an unused camo preset, using German tank decals or Canadas if you have it. Make yourself something that you think may work against the grey of Berlin or Cologne for example? Player’s do that on here sometimes.

Eddie, that’s an interesting take. I may well consider it - it’d work not by blending in with the environment but by not blending in with anything at all, like naval dazzle patterns in both world wars. Interesting, thanks!

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