Camos for the event SU25BM

Hey there!

So I was wondering about the camos for the new SU25, as in the blog for the event there was shown a Bulgarian camouflage for it. And in the game there are only liveries for the Kazakh and Belarussian variants, and that wouldn’t be a problem however again in the event post for the 9 mark of distinction the reward says “A camouflage for the Su-25BM” which leads me to believe we wont get the Bulgarian camo in game.

What are your thoughts on this, will we get the Bulgarian camouflage as an official livery?

The 9 mark camo is the Bulgarian one. You can preview the camo from the achievements window now. Belarusian one is a normal unlockable camo you get for playing the vehicle or buying for GE

Event camos are normally hidden from the ingame camo lists unless you unlock them during the event or buy or obtain the coupon when it eventually gets added to one of the SL crates for a future event



As this is the first event I’m actively doing so I don’t know such things.

Thank you again for this info!