Camo nets & questions

So, camo nets have been in the game for a little over a few years now, so, why haven’t we seen a full “historical” appearance of them on vehicles that used them. I’ve already made a post over this before, I’ll link to it if you’re interested in Swedish and some other vehicles with netting and MSC.

Strv 103 C with a Camo net/Cope cage (for anti surveillance of enemy positions)

Strv 103 A/B with frontal netting

What looks to be a chieftain (Edit: it’s a Conq.)

Recently added Fv721 “fox”

Marder (Marten) 1a3-5

Chally 2 MSC

Any other thoughts, additional vehicles, or ideas on this?


Looks more like a conq to me

Yeah, it was hard to tell by the road wheels on the side, but the tracks are wider, and the cupola looks the same as a chieftain though.

Would be nice to get camouflage webbing after the mark of distinction.

The Fv721 looks amazing all dressed up!

Edit: adding this picture of an ambushing LVKV 90 from P 4

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Definitely a Conqueror. Chieftain is lower profile, doesn’t have the side skirts inset like on the Conq and in the picture, and the tracks are different

I believe this is the same vehicle from a different angle:

would be nice to have something to somewhat make the bush meta obsolete

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It looks great, but it will be even more chaotic for simulator battles XD

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