Camera stuck in user mission

Hi everyone.
So recently I made a custom mission for myself on the map Normandy. When I tried it in game, the camera was facing the grass and wouldn’t move. The mission is supposed to start on the beach in an M3 Stuart. There are many vehicles in it. I could hear everything going on, but had no control over anything. I couldn’t pause. None of the keys worked. I have confirmed that it’s not an issue with my keyboard. It’s an issue only in that mission. My device can handle a lot of vehicles as I have made user missions for myself with may more than the number of units in this mission and they have worked with no issues. This is a very specific and weird issue. Hope you guys can help

Can u upload a mission? That is the easiest and quickest solution.

Currently, I can only surmise that the error is due to the player unit not being set up correctly.

I have found the issue and fixed it. It works fine now. Thanks for offering assistance.