Camera setting question

Hi everyone!

I have a question about the camera, on a video, here as an example :

You can see that the pilot is looking to the right in free camera view, since when he releases the free camera button, the mouse aiming cursor appears directly in the middle of where he was looking in free camera.

Whereas I, as in this video I uploaded for the occasion : (my POV)
when I release the free camera button, my camera refocuses directly on the front of my plane, and I have to manually move the aiming cursor to the right again.

Do you know where I can change this and where it is in the settings?

Thx you everyone !

Hi, this is not a setting, but rather a playing technique acquired by expert players.
Personally, I haven’t yet mastered this action.

Like me, you use the C key to look around.
So when you release it, it refocuses your view.

These players don’t actually use the C key.
They use the Z and S keys, which correspond to the elevator.
If you hold down these keys, you can look around with your mouse movements. So you don’t lose sight of your opponent.

It’s explained in this video in French.

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Hi there and thanks for your reply!

I also use this technique but maybe not as well, thanks a lot for the video, in French no less :) (this guy won a sub)

I also thought it was this technique but what makes me doubt it is the fact that his cursor disappears when he looks to the right (which indicates that he’s switching to free camera), look carefully his maneuver starts at 0:20, and the cursor reappears around 0:25.

With the technique you describe, the cursor never disappears from the screen.

Perhaps he mixed with the C key + then switched to full control of the device.
The easiest way would be to ask him in the comments of his video.