Calling any Vigg lovers

The AJ/AJS/JA variant viggens all have one thing in common. A detail, left out of the game, that I wish was in the game, The landing gear. Just recently the wheels rolling have been fixed, but another thing has been completely oversighted by the devs, this being the rear landing gear system being what is called a “wheel truck,” essentially meaning that it holds the two wheels. One thing all wheel trucks on aircraft have in common, is their ability to pivot on landing to lessen the load on one wheel, something not modeled in game…

This would be applicable to all aircraft with wheel trucks as well. Should I make a bug report or suggestion on it?


Just make a bug report

I’ve tried, multiple times, it keeps giving me an error…

Unable to save issue [EID: 02f4e0e2050dbb07f606e9e30926f9f4]

Try in a bit