Calculate maximum BR in a match

I have seen several comments about the ability to calculate the BR when entering a match. Googling turns up nothing specific though.

Can someone post a sure-fire formula for calculating the BR? I would like to know, for instance, when I enter a match with my max-8.3 lineup whether or not I will face 9.3, or if I go in with my 6.3, whether I will face 7.3, etc.

The matchmaker is +/-1.0 BR at every level. If you play an 8.3 lineup you could see 7.3 to 9.3, but you will usually see uptiers because of the 4 player max BR limit for a game.

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this isn’t what he’s asking about. he is asking about how to know where on that ±1 BR scale you are in a specific match.

In AB look in the team rosters (TAB by default) and check the BR of all the players - or at least enough of them to figure out what BR range for the match is.

In RB look at the equipment your team are using and use memory or search of WT Wiki to figure out the same.

Closed then re opened ? why was that ?

What you’re talking about only works with ground games. If your own light/medium tank is not running downtiered compared to the rest of your own lineup…

Full uptier, it’s worth 100SP in replacement cost
2 BRs down, you’re worth 110SP
1 BRs down, 120
you’re top tier if your replacement cost is 150.

The numbers are similar but slightly different for HT, TD and AA.

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I want to say that is was closed, and moved to The Academy, and then reopened. I commented originally when it was in Game Discussion.

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Or did a certain somebody glance at it swiftly close it in haste,realize their mistake and re open it?

Pay attention to spawn points. If your MBT/medium tank is a 10.0, and it costs 150 SP to spawn, then you’re at 10.0. If it costs 130, then it’s a 10.3 game, 110 SP would be 10.7, and 100 SP would be an 11.0 game. Light tanks and TDs will cost less, whereas heavies will cost more.

A heavy tank at 5.0 will cost 160 SP in a 5.0 game vs 100 in a 6.0 game.

Light tanks and TDs at 7.0 will cost 130 SP in a 7.0 game, in an 8.0 game the light tank will cost 100 SP where the TD would cost 90.

An SPAA at 3.0 will cost 90 SP in a 3.0 game, and 70 SP in pretty much anything below a 3.0 game.


I’m going to stick by what I said because, like I said, I commented on it while it was in Game Discussion and when I came back it was closed and reopened in The Academy.


I that is what you say then fine.NP

If its AB, take a look at the scoreboard (At least for ground), and figure out the highest/lowest BRs- its a pretty good way to determine it. It works similarly for air AB, though watch out for br-averaged players.

Topics are often closed for moderation…mods close them do something (delete, edit, merge, move, etc…) and reopen. It is possible that a topic is closed and then the mod decides no action is needed and simply reopens…
I was not paying 100% attention, but i guess it was moved…

As to maximum BR…in tanks AB i simply look at my team tanks at spawn, i can usually tell how bad i am uptiered just looking around…if some doubt remains i look at the player list and see what is the best vehicle.
Enemy team will have similar BR…so our best vehicle BR is also their best.

TBH BR was not so important in planes (to me at least) but i am guessing the same porcedure can be used, at least in arcade.

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