CAIC Z-10 ME (Early, in 2018)

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CAIC Z-10 ME (Early, in 2018)


Z-10 ME (Early, in 2018) is a variant of CAIC Z-10” Fierce Thunderbolt ”. It was designed for the Pakistan in order to meet the needs of plateau operations. At first, Pakistan army showed less interest in ME, cause the Turkish T-129 could be a better opinion. At 2018, Turkish got the order to produce choppers for them. However the Turks found the American engine that is required couldn’t deliver in time, due to some political issue, and the postponement became longer and insufferable. In 2022 Pakistan finally to cancel the deal with Turkey and turn to the Z-10ME (after a series of improvements).



To get better performance in Pamirs, Z-10 ME(Early) has got several changes. Its engine has changed to AES 100(Or WZ-9G), twin 1200kw engines to provide much better power to the helicopter. This improvement also helps the very chopper to improve other characteristics, but sadly until now quite few data was released. Z-10ME also got 4 UV missile approach warning on different angel, which the origin Z-10 lack of. Several Ceramic additional armours were added to protect the engine, pilot and front electronic equipment compartment. The cannon’s ammunition bay was moved back, below the pilot in the rear compartment, this change gives the chopper more ammunition and help improved the structure of the center of gravity of the helicopter. The exhaust port is changed to upward and the engine intake port has also been improved, the intake air volume is larger. By adding a newly designed dust cover, the engine gets better resistance function capability.



Instead of the 23mm cannon used in other Z-10, Z-10ME has a 20mm cannon gun, rumoured the 20mm cannon gun can adapt the NATO ammunition. The chopper also got several choice of payload: Rocket Nests(FS-57/70/90), ATGM(Blue Arrow 7 or CM502KG), Anti-Air Missiles(TY-90), Gun Pods, Electronic Warfare Pods and Drop Fuel Tanks, allows it to attack from multiple angles.




TY-90 Anti-Air Missile (Foreign trade version, Early)

TY-90 is an Anti-Air Missile, designed to attack hostile helicopter or other air target. It can both launch from ground vieicle and chopper.


Length: 1862 mm

Width: 90 mm

Weight: 20 kg

Maximum launch range: 6 km

Maximum overload: over 20 g

Maximum speed: Over Mach 2.0


Blue Arrow 7, AKD-10 foreign trade version


Length: 1775 mm

Width: 170 mm

Weight: 46 kg

Range: 7 km

Penetration: 1400 mm




An ATGM that showed in 2012, designed to attack drone, however, it can attack some speedboats and armoured target.


Weight: 45 kg (Warhead: 11 kg)

Maximum speed: Mach 1.0

Total speed: 350 m/s

Combat Range: 25 km

Fire-and-Forget ability: yes

Penetration: 1000 mm


Crew: Two, pilot and observer

Length: 16.13 m (accuracy may be questionable)

Height: 4.42 m (accuracy may be questionable)

Max takeoff weight: 6800 kg

Powerplant: 2 x AES 100 Engine, 1200kw (1631.5 hp)

Rotor diameter: 13.5 m (accuracy may be questionable)



Armament & Weaponry

4 x 4 TY-90

2 x 4 TY-90, 2 pylons for rockets

2 x 4 TY-90, 2 gun pods

4 x 4 AKD10/CM502KG

2 x 4 AKD10/CM502KG, 2 pylons for rockets

2 x 4 AKD10/CM502KG, 2 gun pods

Reference Data:

4 x PL-90B with pylon: about 140 kg

4 x CM502KG with pylon: about 285 kg

4 x AKD10A with pylon: about 250 kg

4 x AKD9A with pylon: about 150 kg

7 x FS-70 with pylon: about 95 kg

19 x FS-70 with pylon: about 260 kg


Photos took from Zhuhai Airshow ( Photos 1 to 13)