The repair cost of this tank does not match its performance in game.


The tank costs nearly 7,000 silver lions while having less armor than any heavy tank at its BR while having a nearly non-functional around which is currently modeled to teleport realities upon contact with any curvature of armor no matter the thickness.

It’s a fat medium tank that costs double.

No, it has a decent repair cost, stop complaining, if you can’t use that, then it’s a you problem, it is a strong vehicle and you complain for nothing

7,000 silver lions requires 4 kills to break even

If you are expected to have a 4.0 K/D to break even the tank should be the same caliber as the MAUS

If you are legitimately trying to compare the Caernarvon to the MAUS then you are either trolling or not aware of reality

I never said this, you are making up words now, we both know that Britain has higher repair cost because of Britain tax, if you have a problem with the SL cost then you have a skill issue.

“the repair cost is fine”

The repair cost is similar to the MAUS.

If you think the Caernarvon repair cost is justified then you must see its performance as equal to the MAUS.

Those are your words.

Boo bloody hoo take a look at the F4U-4B, 13000 SL repair cost, and it is just average for it’s BR

Why are you comparing planes which are able to land at the airfield repair and leave the match w/o being killed to a tank which does not have the same option?

You aren’t able to return to spawn and J out to the menu without suffering repair cost.

If you are saying that you can find a random spot on the map to hide and hopefully you aren’t destroyed by either a tank finding you or by enemy CAS then you aren’t being serious you are simply being argumentative.

Ok and why on earth would I go to the airfield and J out? There is literally no point to this feature, it is to change loadouts

If your plane costs 16,000 SL to repair and your team has been killed there is no benefit to remaining in the match when the best RP benefits are held within the first engagement.

Other than winning you mean?

Yes you are free to risk your 16,000 SL plane to engage 4+ targets but if you are playing economically it is more efficient to return to hanger and find the next match.

If you take issue with this approach then you are supportive of repair costs being removed entirely.

just don’t get killed lmao

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