Ca-16 Wirraway Mk III - The Australian divebomber

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The Wirraway is a well known Australian redesign of the North American Na-16. Initially produced as a trainer, the type was eventually redesigned into a dive-bomber for the RAAF. This redesign was designated the Ca-16 Wirraway Mk III. The noticeable differences between the Mk III and earlier Mk I or Mk II aircraft was the addition of dive-breaks above the wing flaps and the capability to carry extra bombs. Earlier models could only carry 1 500lb bomb or two 250lb bombs, the Mk III could however carry a loadout of 2 500lb + 2 250lb bombs, or 4 250lb bombs. Upgraded wings were also made to put onto earlier Mk I and Mk II aircraft, these were then designated Ca-10A. The original Ca-10 was a planned dive-bomber variant which never came to exist. Most of these aircraft served as trainers post-war and several are still in flying condition today.

It’s worth noting that the version currently in the game seems to be a mix of the earlier models (Mk I and Mk II are basically identical) and the Mk III, with the bomb load of the Mk III but otherwise all features of the Mk I and Mk II.


  • Engine

Pratt & Whitney R-1340
600 horsepower (448 kW)
Nine cylinder, supercharged, air cooled, geared radial engine

  • Propeller

Hamilton Standard Constant Speed
All metal, three blade

  • Fuel

Aviation Gasoline 100 Octane Wing Tank Capacity: 97 Imperial Gallons 441 Litres 166 U.S. Gallons Reserve Tank Capacity (2): 9 Imperial Gallons 41 Litres 11 U.S. Gallons

  • Dimensions

Wingspan: 43’ 0" 13.11 m Length: 27’ 10 " 8.48 m Wing Area: 255.75 sq. ft 23.76 sq. m Height: 8’ 8 3/4" 2.66 m

  • Weights

Empty: 3,922 lb 1,811 kg Maximum Takeoff weight: 6,595 lb 2,991 kg

  • Armament

Two forward facing, fuselage mounted .303 in. Vickers machine guns synchronized to fire through the propeller. Provision for two 500 lb (227 kg) bombs plus two 250 lb (113 kg) bombs.

  • Maximum Speed

191 knots 220 mph 354 km/h Cruise Speed: 135 knots 155 mph 250 km/h

Wirra 1

In game


The Ca-16 would make a great CAS aircraft with it’s additional air-break capabilities. Currently the Wirraway in the game has the same bomb load-out, making the Ca-16 less desirable, however if the Wirraway in game has given it’s correct Mk I/II loadout and a b.r. drop, then the Mk III would find a suitable place a around b.r. 2.0, or alternatively, the in-game version should become the Mk III with dive-breaks added. The Great Britain tree probably doesn’t need another Wirraway, but perhaps the dive-bomber capabilities would be beneficial. Another option is an other-commonwealth tree, incorporating Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, New Zealand etc.

It would be possible to split the Wirraway up into up to 4 models, the Mk I, Mk II, Mk III and Ca-10A, however I believe that only the Mk I/II and Mk III matter.



This page in particular has a PDF of Mk III specifications


Britain really needs some more dive bombers. so big +1 for this

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I too had noticed the current in game Wirraway seems to be basically an incorrect mix and would totally appreciate it being split in to the two models mentioned. Air brakes would be a nice addition for something with such a low rip speed.

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Not sure if the overall performance lines up, but the Wirraway we have ingame already has the bombload of the Mk III
So yeah, they would either have to add dive-breaks and turn the current one into a Mk III or add a seperate Mk III and reduce the bombload on the current one

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I am currently reading Wirraway, Boomerang & Ca-15 in Australian Service by Stewart Wilson.

Page 24: “The Ca-16 could carry a maximum of 1,500lb (680kg), two 500-pounders and two 250-pounders. The internal prone bombing aiming position for the observer/gunner was deleted as were the guns in most aircraft in order to save weight.”

“Wirraway order No 150 of December 1944 covered the installation of the appropriate electrical equipment in Wirraways A20-43 onwards so that wings guns could be installed if required. A couple of aircraft were tested with the guns installed.”

Page 41: “Dive bombing flaps interconnected with landing flaps and operated by sane hydraulic jack fitted to aircraft A20-623 and subsequent (Ca-16 Wirraway Mk III). These flaps opened upwards as landing flaps moved downwards.”

Page 44 has an image of the dive breaks

Page 45: “Aircraft from A20-623 (Ca-16, Wirraway Mk III) onwards had rear gun armament deleted and the aft end of the cockpit enclosed by a streamlined steal framed perspex canopy.”

So essentially most Ca-16 Wirraway Mk IIIs lacked the aiming position and were unarmed besides bombs (not good!!!) However the Ca-10A was a wing upgraded Mk I or Mk II, so would have all the armament of the earlier models, with the wings of a Mk III Ca-16, including the options for additional wing guns. Meaning it would have full bomb load, dive breaks, aiming position, full standard armament and provision for wing guns, making a seriously good Wirraway!


A Wirraway with additional guns sounds like a wet dream. Good work on the research.

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I have just come across this additional interesting piece of information. Some Wirraways were retrofitted with dive bombing sirens. The image is kind of weird though, I would like to find more information about this.


The link also shows a Blenheim fitted with the same type of siren.


Sound as a weapon lol.