C1 Ariete Hitfact MK2

This one would be great as premium, yet there are other candidates for Rank 6-7 premium:

B1 Centauro/VBC with T60/70A

VBM Freccia with 30mm and Kornet ATGM( so wheeled BMP-2M)

OF-40 Mk.3( Mk.2 with turret of C1 Ariete)

Upgraded M60A3 (Italian M60 AMBT)
8-Leonardo M60A3 Upgrade

Marder MBT(German-Italian CV90-105)

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But there are other vehicles that could fit that role, the M60A3 for example

This should be in the tree or as a squadron vehicle


I don’t think any of these quite fill the same role as this vehicle. Only 2 or maybe 3 are MBTs, and one of those MBTs (M60 Super) should 100% be tech tree. With DM53, this could be a good 11.0 or 11.3 premium since now that BR range has premiums. It’s an Ariete that gives up what little turret armour it had for a faster reload and some systems. The OF-40 would be lower than that, I think.



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+1 SÌ, would be an interesting addition

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I’ll be honest, these two vehicles you suggested are needed more in the normal tech tree because of their function “B1 Centaur/VBC with T60/70A” and “VBM Arrow with 30mm and Kornet ATGM”. The other vehicles you mentioned I’m fine with putting them premium but not these 2.

If you want a premium vehicle with a 30mm (Similar to the BMP-2M) I suggest this one which makes much more sense to put as a premium vehicle due to the fact that we already have two Dardo in the normal tech tree, so it is only fair to put the third Dardo as a premium vehicle

I’m agree, Ariete Hitfist could fit best as squadron on rank 7, as this is still good MBT in practice. Po

As well OF, which being less mobile Ariete(P) will fit on 10.0.

Rest tanks I add because they either don’t fit as good in TT or will be more fun as premium because of premium bias(Prems are always little too low in BR or little better than their BR)

I put here Cen/Frec 60/70 because this are 2 of best parts from cold war Italian TT together, great hull of Centauro with Amazing gun on top. If any “tank” reserve special status this is the one.

Freccia is partialy as joke and partialy because of kornets that are top of the line Soviet ATGMs, but you are right remote controled Dardo works as good

Now that I think about it… regarding the discussion about the “VMB Freccia 30mm”… its function in the normal technological tree can be replaced by the “Iveco SuperAV 30mm”… so I think that regarding the “VMB Freccia 30mm” you are right, it can be put as a premium vehicle, or the opposite Iveco SuperAV 30mm" goes as a premium and “VMB Freccia 30mm” in the technological tree in both cases is fine by me

The important thing is that there is at least in the normal technology tree a wheeled vehicle with a 30mm cannon.

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You have a point. SuperAV is better as premium, Freccia should follow line of IFVs

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It can be loaded either automatically or manually, given the presence of a servant as a third man in the turret, which is very important because this third man can perform other functions when loading is automatic.


I’m sorry, I don’t dig enough and make this bold claim. Someone already correct me.

Also, not all things from stat card are confirmed as truth. I’m currently hunting for photo or official news about 105mm version that is on docs.

So of anyone find photo of Centauro 2 with unusualy small bulge on barrel, TELL ME


The version of the Centauro II with HITFACT Mk2 turret and 105/52mm gun is only on paper, for the moment there are no prototypes with this configuration, unless there is an interested buyer I doubt we will see it.

Yes, this is my point. This will be such good vechicle

The US Marines also have it, it is likely that the American version is premium not the Italian one.

You forget that it is an Italian-built vehicle, so it will certainly end up in the Italian technological tree… but it is also true that America liked this vehicle so much that they bought it for their Marine Corps… I sincerely see no harm in putting this vehicle in both the Italian and American technological trees, after all, it is not the first time that an American vehicle is in another technological tree, but in this case, it will be the first time that an Italian vehicle is in the American technological tree, which only demonstrates our alliance between America and Italy.

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Maybe I didn’t write well, I meant that the possible American version will probably be a premium vehicle, the Italian one will be in the searchable TT.

That would be the best outcome for sure

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.