C. 205 serie 1

Why does the C. 205 serie 1, with armament consisting of two 12.7mm and two 7.7mm, have a BR 3.7 in AirRB? When counterparts with similar or better performance and superior armament are at the same BR or slightly higher, the entirety of the matches are always played against a BR range ranging from 3.7 to 4.7, so it is always inferior due to its poor armament that fails to inflict significant damage on any enemy aircraft. It’s not a complaint but an obvious consideration, I understand that no one cares but the issue must be considered and resolved to do justice to this plane.

Quite simple:

Because players of minor nations are on average way better than players of the highly popular big 3 nations. Main reason is the combination of:

  1. Highly popular = a hell of fresh / rookie players are using them
  2. Due to a lack of experience those rookies drag the BRs of their planes low
  3. Minor nations are usually played as 2nd, 3rd or 4th TT
  4. Therefore those players benefit from previous experiences
  5. This drags the BRs of rather weak planes higher than they should be

So the only way to get the BR lower is either to convince gaijin to offer an US premium version of it - or to fly several thousand matches in a short time period and crash right at the start to have a statistical impact to lower the BR.

The problem is that the BR will immediately jump back to 3.7 if you perform well in it.

I mean all players of minor nations share this fate - but the majority is aware of how wt works and are still able to have fun with overtiered planes.

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Since its buried amid all the other same-same “C planes” of the tree it probably doesn’t get played much so it doesn’t input much into Gaijin’s BR algo.
Pretty much all the Italian low tier fighters are like this, decent performance meh armament.

If for fun you mean keep shooting so it doesn’t cause considerable damage to say “OK, this doesn’t fly anymore” then you’re right.

Which planes have superior performance at the same BR?

If put at 3.3 it’s outright better than any plane there, with the exception of the P-39s, P-63 and P-51C, which all seem to suffer from US fast plane syndrome.

As far as I know the C. 205 is good in pretty much everything, which makes it quite more user friendly compared to the US planes that need to rely on a specific play style.

It probaly has the worst firepower out of all 3.7 planes but what is firepower when you can’t use it?

Unfortunately, all Italian aircraft are overrated (0.3 at best, 0.7 on average). There’s nothing to be done until Gaijin decides to conduct a thorough review, validating the plane/tanks for what they are and not the performances. Moreover, every time there’s a change in Battle Ratings, all players of the main nations push to have the BR of aircraft from smaller nations raised (especially Italy, as it’s unpopular with many).

There’s no logic, it’s just giving attention to whining children; it can’t be rational.

The strangest thing is that many Italian mains overrate Italian vehicles themselves, also pushing to keep the BR high (is it to show off how cool they are?), which creates an endless cycle.

How is the C.205 serie 1 overtiered?

It has a Bf 109 G-2 engine in a better airframe at 3.7 instead of 4.3 🤔

It’s practically undertiered with only the guns being significantly weaker than other aircraft.

Then look at the serie 3 which is identical appart from having two MG 151/20 at 4.7.
You get more firepower for now average or below average performance.

My consideration was generally not specifically about the 205; (a 3.3 BR IMHO), but for sure, you belong to this category

If it becomes difficult to do damage and even more difficult to kill an enemy plane, performance matters little because WT is not an Air Show.

But this topic is just about the C.205 serie 1 so it makes no sense to rope other Italian aircraft into this discussion. Especially when generally “all Italian aircraft” are overtiered.
This one definitely not.

I’m also refering to the BR in RB. In arcade the plane is probably a lot worse due to the lower firepower compared to other planes.

Although i share some of your views regarding other topics - imho you are on the wrong path in this case.

Regarding Italian props in general:

So imho it makes sense to add other Italian props into this view, as they all share the same fate: High BRs as a result of good players using them, whilst average opponents have too low BRs.

Regarding C 205 Series 1 in particular:

The skill requirement to make this work is compared to other aircraft (like P-51C or I-185) way too high for the average pilot.

If you watch this vid:

You will see that 2 years ago the plane was at 3.0 - and even DEFYN needed support by another pro player to make the plane work - otherwise you simply got hunted (and sprayed) down by your average opponents - mainly as kills take way too long due to a lack of firepower.

Although i fully agree with the low damage output, the 2nd part is imho not correct - as performance decides if you can get a shot or if you are able to deny enemies to get a shot.

This is imho not consistent in itself and your examples are actually supporting the view of the OP:

  1. The Bf 109 G-2 is a far superior aircraft regarding turn and firepower - and the G-2 is compared to a Yak-3 or F4U-4 already overtiered. So from holistic pov it supports the view of the OP.
  2. Your example with the Series 3 makes it even more clear - whilst planes like the Yak-3 (which is a 4.7 aircraft) at 4.3 can one shot you, their “up-gunned” brothers sit at 5.0. Same with F4U-4 at 4.3 and F4U-4b at 5.7.
  3. It boils down that the average opponents are flown by abysmal bad pilots (on average) and you have to invest way more skill whilst flying an Italian prop.

If you have read this far - you might get my message:

Fun for me is the challenge to beat an enemy in a technically seen superior aircraft (=faster, better climb and/or turn) with a performance wise inferior aircraft.

So if i like to clap XP-50s whilst flying a SM 92 - by luring them into a high speed chase and then exploiting their low ripspeed and high compression to drag them into a turn fight with very high entry speeds - i have a lot fun, as my sustained turn in a SM 92 is way better than the turn of an XP-50, any 109 F or G, 4.3 Typhoon and, ofc, P-51 Cs.

The fun combined with a challenge is to create undisturbed 1 vs 1s and to survive the first 2 turns undamaged as the initial turn of these aircraft is way better.

The fighter mains which dragged stuff like the G 55 Series 0 to 4.3 or the Re 2005 to 6.0(!!!) are far better pilots than me, so they have fun too…

Based on my experience, with all the other Italian propeller planes from BR 4.0 onwards I have no problem getting 3/4 kills in a game, even with the P-47D-22-RE or the P-51C which are 3.7 , but with series 1 it becomes difficult for me to make a single kill.

Back in the day, 12.7mm HEF didn’t consistantly shoot of wings or tails.


Two 12.7mm HEF deal probably the same damage to structures as a single 20mm HE.
So you basically getting a single MG 151/20 with 400 rounds but with twice the bullets in the air.

Imho there is a huge difference between getting kills and using a plane with very limited fire power to get kills. So i am not sure what was unclear with this:

It boils down that the longer you need to get a kill, the less effective your plane is. You simply need way too long for a single kill - and the longer you need, the more energy and positioning you lose what makes you extremely vulnerable for 3rd party attacks.

That’s why real shatter 1.0 made certain cannon armed Japanese planes borderline useless. Due to the HE nerf you needed way too long and way too much ammo for a single kill.

Tbh - i am not sure if you have realized that i share your pov in general…

If you have watched DEFYNs vid you might have realized that it was recorded after the buff for JP 13mm and The Bredat SAFAT 12.7 mm.

The key word is your reply is “probably”.

I use my 4 X 12.7 mm in the SM 92 just for ranges between 0.9 and 1.2 km (with stealth belt) in order to force enemies to turn - and late game for ground units only. Mainly has you have to get very close in order to create severe damage with them - and if i am close, i use the MG 151s.

You screenshot proves imho nothing, scoring kills in a full downtier is not relevant for opponents at the same BR - none of your victims had a BR of 3.7.

Try to get kills in a full uptier with them - when your enemies get faster - your average firing window gets way smaller…

And if you played the game recently you’ll noticed that we now have realShatter and planes generally can’t fly without wings.